Saturday, 10 March 2012


1) Medical Card benefit from RM 500,000 (RM50,000 per year maximum and room - RM150/day) to RM 1.5 million (RM 150,000 per year maximum and room - RM400/day) until age 70/80.  Treatment bill can be claimed 30 days before and 60 days after admitted to the hospital. The card can be used after 30 days and fully effective after 4 months registration. Co Insurance RM 300/10%/RM 1000. Immediate effectiveness for accidental case.

2) Bonus RM 100 -RM 500 per year if no insurance claimed within a year.

3) Hospital allowances benefit RM 200 - RM400 per day admitted.

4) RM 10,000 - RM 100,000 compensation if confirmed 36 critical illness.

5) No monthly contribution if confirmed 36 critical illness until 80 years of age, children 25 years of age.  Medical card can be used as usual.

6) Accidental Medical Reimbursement - up to RM 2000/case (minimum plan) can be claimed for treatment cost of ACCIDENT from any clinic without admitted to ward. Example; contact with venomous animal bites, vehicle accident, accidental fall, exposed to hot water and etc.  Fully effective after proposal submitted and 1st payment paid.

7) Weekly Indemnity - Weekly compensation from RM 100-RM400 per week for medical certificate from accidental causes.

8) Flexible policy - You can choose the maturity of the policy.  Cash withdrawal after Cash Value more than RM 1000.

9) Savings investment - Your cash value is invested in Takafulink - Equity Fund, Bond Equity, Fund Governance.  Unit trust is based on Sharia or 'Syariah'.  Regulated by Sharia Committee.  Higher long term returns.

10) Death benefit / Total Permanent Disability - Compensation + Funeral Expenses (RM2000) + Total Cash Value at time + Accidental Death (RM20,000).  Payment is paid to heir listed.

11) Tax exemption - Individual Tax (LHDN) exemption up to RM7000.00 (Life, Health, Education).

12) Medical card - world wide emergency medical assistance, international travel assistance - SOS.

For more info, contact Afifi at 012-4272403..

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